• Providing care doesn't have to come with financial risk.
    MedPlan provides out-of-pocket financing for patients who don’t have available funds or credit to pay their healthcare bill. MedPlan provides the cash flow providers need so patients can receive the care they deserve.

What MedPlan means for patients.

More of the healthcare burden is shifting from employers to employees through high-deductible health insurance plans. MedPlan helps patients who can’t afford out-of-pocket costs with affordable medical loan payments spread over an extended period of time. Applying is easy. Patients fill out a simple MedPlan Credit Application on their smart phone or on a tablet, supplied by MedPlan and in the providers’ office. Notification of approval is received within minutes and the patient’s available credit is immediately available for use. MedPlan removes payment anxiety, so that patients can get the medical care they need without delay or worry.


What MedPlan means for providers.

Patient deductibles have jumped more than 300%, while provider revenue from patient payments has skyrocketed more than 375%. Many providers now require upfront payment or payment arrangements to finance healthcare procedures. As a provider, you don’t want to delay critical care for your patients, but collecting patient deductibles is essential to keep your practice financially viable. MedPlan is the solution to medical financing. We help patients afford the care they deserve while providing the cash flow that providers need.


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