• How it works.
    By partnering with physicians and hospitals, MedPlan is able to provide affordable payment plans for patients with high deductible or other large out-of-pocket medical bills.

How MedPlan works


  • MedPlan Credit Application completed on-line or in the providers’ office
  • Notification of approval received in minutes
  • Healthcare costs charged to patient’s MedPlan account
  • Providers paid within 5 days via ACH
  • Patient pays MedPlan with affordable monthly payment
  • Provider receives immediate cash-flow
  • Patients get the care they need without financial worry

What MedPlan means for hospitals and providers

  • Easy credit application on MedPlan provided tablets
  • Cash paid at time of service via direct deposit to providers’ account
  • Eliminates collections costs
  • Eliminates internal payment plans
  • Allows care to be rendered when needed
  • Increases revenue
  • Enhances patient satisfaction

What MedPlan means for patients

  • No more delaying or putting off needed medical care
  • Easy and confidential application process
  • Immediate notification of approval
  • Affordable, monthly medical loan payment
  • Flexible terms
  • Patient Portal for account history and balance
  • MedPlan customer service is available by phone

Frequently asked questions

The application asks for basic information plus information regarding employment, sources of income, number of dependents, monthly expenses, etc.

The patient activity is reported to the credit bureaus. Regular, timely payments will improve a patients’ credit while missed and/or late payments will create derogatory credit history.

The interest rate is typically 13.9% APR

Most payment plans are no longer than 36 months; however, we can extend payments up to 60 months in certain situations.

Monthly payments will be automatically deducted from the patient’s bank account or credit card on file. MedPlan will send out monthly reminders via text or email, two days prior to the payment due date.

Yes! You will receive a monthly statement via email, plus access to all of your account information through the patient portal on the MedPlan website.

Contact an advisor about providing Medplan for your patients